Friday, July 6, 2012

5 Ways to Dress Up - New Mama Styles

Last week I went out for a glass of wine and delicious desert, during night time hours, sans baby. It was wonderful to enjoy the company to some other beautiful ladies and dress up a little bit.

If you're a new Mama like me, perhaps you have realised that your standards of dressing up might have changed for now? While that used to include a dress, heels, full make up, hair do, the works, these days it includes a few easier things and I thought I would share them with you.

And you know, I felt like a million bucks

1) Apply some make up, and something different. 
If you don't usually wear mascara, put some on, or eyeshadow, same with blusher, or in my case lip stick. That little difference will make you aware of yourself and how you look and you'll feel like you've made an 'extra effort'. I had some new make up to put on for when we went out (just replacements of the old stuff) but putting on something new and different was exciting. Small minds, huh?

2) Accessorise.
As a new mum with a little inquisitive baby on my hip I can't wear any extra jewellery. I'll end up with my ear lopes ripped off or my necklace yanked off my neck (don't underestimate the death grip of a baby!). When I went out I had my new Pretty Birds earrings on. They were an absolute treat to wear and not something I wear often. Again, because its irregular you'll notice it and it will feel good. Maybe wear that necklace you have touched since your pregnancy, earrings or bangle, the world is your oyster!

3) Change your bag up. If you have a few hand-bags at home go for something other than your nappy bag. Only take the essentials and make sure there are NO nappies in there. The weightlessness of your bag will make you feel like you're walking on air!

4) Do something spesh with your hair.
If you're a hair person do something different with it. Sadly, I'm hopeless with my hair so it just gets knotted on top so its out of my way.

5) Keep your phone inside your bag.
Lastly, when you're leaving home, tell your baby sitter or partner to call if they need you (NOT text. Otherwise you'll be checking your phone all night) and preferably only in an emergency - if they are on the way to the hospital ;)

Close that door, hold your shoulders back and breathe in that freedom.

You're beautiful!

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  1. Clever Soph! I love those earrings on you! When I have a wee one I shall definitely be drawing on your wisdom!

  2. Did you head to Strawberry Fare? That is where we headed last time we were out sans baby!! Love the earrings!

    :) Hazel x

    1. Thanks Hazel! No we went to speights ale house in Ferrymead. :) Definitely need to go to strawberry fare! Maybe thats this weeks destination!?


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