Monday, July 2, 2012

Dear Baby - 10 Month Update

This week I saw a photo of one of our Plunket baby's Dads. Of course I have never met him so naturally assume this little girl looks like her Mama. Well, they were spitting images of each other (the baby and the Dad that is), I couldn't believe it!

This lead me to wonder who Milla is starting to look like. And would you believe it, during our own respective days Mr Moo and I BOTH thought Mini Moo is looking so much more like ourselves. Heehee. He got home from work and said "I was thinking today about how much she is looking like me these days"... "ME TOO!" I said! Its true. Three times that day I had thought "that totally looked like me then."

Life huh. Crazy.

Little Red Riding Hood

We've been working on our swimming lately (well, we've been 3 times, but its definitely a work out) Milla doesn't hate  it but she's not a water baby yet. Kind of humorous too because I had so desired her to be born in water.

On our last swimming trip it had been snowing recently, but that doesn't deter us hard Cantabrians (it should have, it was freezing). When we got out of the pool and were getting changed her little four teeth were chattering. Actually chattering. It was sad and adorable.

On that same swimming trip I forgot to take a spare nappy to get changed into(!!!). After getting changed I wrapped Millas bottom half up in her towel and we dashed to the supermarket in the car. It was busy. I waited in a checkout aisle for what seemed like forever and ended up opening the bag (of my preferred nappies) then and there and changing her. Ee! Sorry my love. I can't believe I did that. Please forgive me? 

Our little girl is taking after her father and turning into quite the little music buff. She dances (side to side and now up and down) to any music she hears and claps her hands. Its pretty cute when she stands against the stage at church and slaps her palms down.

Baby Milla seems to be quite a shy wee lass. She clams up in front of others and prefers to stare at them rather than smiling at their hilarious attempts to get a reaction. I'm pleased to say that she LOVES her parents though, and really comes out of her shell at home. She laughs and laughs and chases us up and down hallways, roars like a lion (she's so menacing!!), and loves to throw her rubber ball around the house. She is a very happy wee girl. 

Still breastfeeding like a champ, no immediate plans to change that.

Not a hood fan

Dearest Milla,

I mentioned politics in my last letter to you and I want to mention it again. These last few months our government (who I helped get elected) have been making budget decisions and for the first time I am really grasping how they affect not our future but yours. They wanted to increase class sizes and reduce teacher numbers. Internally I freaked out. "What have I done!?" 

I was thinking of you, baby girl. I was thinking of you, 7 years old, amongst a sea of other students with a busy teacher who is trying to get around everyone. I pictured you, 16 years old, with a busy History teacher and you, maybe too shy to ask for some extra help. 

I realised that what your father and I decide today could have an impact on you. Who our government is and what they stand for matters.

(You'll be pleased to know the general outcry from New Zealand citizens put that budget cut to rest. )

We want the best for you and our family and hope we can provide that.

We love you with all our hearts.

*Milla is wearing her new knitted goods from her Nana. We are often stopped in public places to ask where her knitwear is from. Isn't my Mama talented?!


  1. LOVE that hoodie pic - what a special girlie she is. Love her name BTW.
    And WOW that letter to her about politics totally gave me goosebumps - Sophie, I completely freaked out about the increased class sizes too. Because I also voted for the John Key team, and felt SO cross that they would even consider something so insulting to us parents who had helped put them there because we felt that the Blue team had less inclination toward social engineering and undermining the strength of families. (Well that was why i voted Blue anyway. I'm not a one-Party girl. I tend to try and aim for the Middle Ground)
    Love your blog, you're my newest fav. Think I'll be shifting you to "favourite reads" on my blogroll!

    1. SIMONE! You are so kind and generous with your words!! Thank you!

      And thankfully we have a government who aren't so removed they can't hear the crys of their people.


  2. She is such a sweetie love the knits super cute

    1. When my Mama reads this she will be very happy :)

      Thanks for stopping by x

  3. That is one awesome red hoodie, I love how long it is. I think Milla is a mix of both you and G, and every so often she has a certain facial expression that makes her look more like you, or like G. Very adorable. One day I hope she will run up to me and give her 'other aunty Amy' a cuddle :)

  4. She is so, so sweet. I'm thinking about trying to get to the pools a bit next term - might see you there?

  5. *hmmmm, seems there is an Other Aunty Amy... Mixed feelings.. don't think I can pee on the territory... better leave a comment to mark presence instead*
    (gross? :) )
    Hey! Great pics and nice knits. Camilla is really growing up and changing. Xx

  6. So cute! I love the red hoodie! :)


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