Tuesday, July 31, 2012

LOVE BOMB #2 - Madonna

Madonna is a mother of a toddler who has spent her whole life living in hospital. We really wanted to treat her Mum (Madonna) and also provide for one of their public requests - donations to their daughters treatment required overseas. 

Together we gave Madonna $100 towards her daughters surgery fund,  $45 wagamama voucher, Wot Wots activity book, mojo coffee, chocolate blocks, chocolate almonds, chain frame, soap, keep calm coaster, kawaii book and pen, assorted chocolates and latte, aveeno sampler, handmade bracelet and earrings, lavendar creme and file, Kleenex tissues, torrent ebook, reversible hand made bag. 

This was all sent free of charge thanks to Post Haste and was made possible because of each of you who gave something small to create something big. Thank you! x

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  1. What an awesome sense of joy seeing such an astounding amount of love and encouragement that has truly made these LOVE bombs.


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