Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Milla the Traveller

Last night we had 11 people around an extended dinner tables to celebrate the middle of winter. Winter in New Zealand is so darn boring - no special holidays or celebrations, just cold and miserable weather and sad people. Yes, I'm a winter hater. But I LOVE celebrating with friends, so midwinter dinner works out pretty perfectly.

Actually our church commissioned about 10 dinners to happen around our city this week, and every member of our church was personally invited to one of them. I love being a part of a church that sees the value in hospitality! 

More on our dinner later. For now I wanted to show you the after math. 

We have a teeny apartment, our dining area and lounge are crammed into a small space so to accomodate 11 people we move out all of our furniture for the night and just have our table set up in the middle of the room. It creates a lot more work but it means we can all fit and its quite nice having just the table in the room.

Because of this we rolled our coffee table down to the end of the hallway to sleep for the night.

This morning while I was doing a spot of sewing I noticed a trail of toilet paper and a lot of happy laughter, I came to find little Milla sitting on top of the coffee table having fun with all of our bits and pieces that had been thrown down there at the last minute! Hilariously cute. 

I love it that Milla was an early mover. She has been crawling and pulling herself up since her 6th month. It actually makes life easier, I know she can move from thing to thing as she pleases, and I love that she has the freedom to explore our home. 

What strange places have you found your babes in? What do you celebrate in the winter? Leave a comment and let me know! 



  1. Just make sure you close the toilet door so that you don't find her chewing on the toilet brush (thankfully it was only the handle!)

  2. Yesterday I found my two darlings emptying a packet of shapes onto the floor, grinding them up with their gumboots and making a paste by adding milk! I was on the phone at the time. The worst thing was I had just spent 2 hours cleaning the whole house. The good thing was I still had the mop out and we have wooden floors! I've been doing a bit of Winter celebrating myself this year - soup and fruit crumble eating, knitting and poncho wearing etc etc - eg:

  3. she is having a grand old time up there isn't she. not wishing to alarm you but...claud was an early walker, at 14 months she managed to climb the first branch of our apple tree, chasing the cat i think. it was so weird i could hear her calling, but i just couldn't see her, until i looked up. i nearly died with fright! we do a mid-winter christmas too, mid-winter just feels too christmassy to me not too! its usually a roast, and i get the christmas decos out and put holly from the neighbours on the mantelpiece. winter feels so long though, i think we need another party (or a ski trip!) x

  4. Lol, love it. Milla looks so happy! xo

  5. how cute. looks like she is having fun. that's great what your church does.


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