Sunday, July 22, 2012

Prayer Monday

Right now I have 13 brown papered boxes taking up my dinning table. Brown though they are they are filled with excitement and joy. They are waiting. Not quite yet ready to send. They are missing something.

Tonight, God told me what that was.

Don't stop reading there. If you are here from The Sisterhood, you see, I don't really know what you believe. I might be treading on toes here. I might put some people out.

But you need to understand: This is Gods thing. Not mine, not yours. Late that night in January as I sat on my bed crying, I was talking to God. "Why!? Why is it like this?" and he gave me the idea. He planted that seed. He told me to love other people, the most powerful thing I could ever do with my life.

So I began to love others. Not just emotionally, but physically as well. I learnt to express my love through an action, and somehow other people liked this idea.

This is why you're here. Some how you found out about The Sisterhood and you thought "thats a good idea". Lots of you have emailed me saying how wonderful I am. Every time I hear that I thank God. "Thank you for using me" I say. Because this isn't my thing, its His, and He is using me.

If you don't believe in God or anything like that, you might be sitting there getting angry. "But Sophie, I sent you 10 blocks of chocolate, how dare you thank god for that!?"

I do thank you, I thank you a lot. Thank you for hearing of this idea and responding. Responding takes a whole lot of courage and belief. For that I thank you. Thank you for being so courageous!

As to the success of The Sisterhood, its motivation, its heart, its inspiration, I thank God for that.

(Let me make myself really clear. You don't need to believe in God to be part of The Sisterhood (or to receive anything from us), but you need to know that -I- do. If you're cool with that, keep reading!)

So tonight, as I was in Church, worshipping, which I have not done in so long. Not really. I've been in church a lot. Every weekend. But its very hard to connect when you have a baby at your feet, or when you're looking after 4 babies in a different room. Tonight we had a baby sitter and I was able to go to church alone with hubby. I reached out my hands and released everything.

Amongst it all I heard God tell me "Hold off sending those gifts. You need to pray for my daughters first"

Gurgle gurgle. Okay God. If you say so! (Of course we need to. How could I forget!?)

I am now declaring the day of Monday our LOVEBOMB prayer day. 

If you are of the praying type (or if you'd like to give it a go), please spend time on Monday praying for these amazing, strong, daughters of God: Our Sisters.

Print off this post - stick it on your computer at work, your fridge at home, on the front of your folder. Take it with you, invest, love, speak.

  • Oprah, pray for her little son who has received multiple surgeries and is only a new born. Pray for his care, the health of his parents and the love they have together. Pray for joy.
  • Pray for Madonna and her family, for finances for their little girls surgeries, pray her and hubby could continue to love, and pray that God would give them strength amongst these tiring years.
  • Pray for Gweneth. I hear laughter and love coming from her home. Please pray that God would lift her up, he would carry her amongst her daily life. I feel that Gweneth is a real rock for those around her. Thank God for that.
  • Pray for Angelina, her children and her little angels. Finances, love, provision, and safety. Pray that she and her spirit could be 'safe' in herself. Allow for truth in her life and a complete dose of Gods love for his children, big and small ones.
  • Pray for Elle for to receive the support she needs. Thank God for who she is, a strong single mother who loves her community. Give her resources to love more and opportunities to be loved on.
  • Pray for Audrey. An amazing mother who loves and loves and gives and gives. We received multiple nominations for Audrey. Pray that she would know she is loved and noticed. Pray that God would provide for her and her family physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Pray for Suri. Peace, understanding, acceptance, joy, love. Anything and everything. Just pray for Suri and her whole family.
  • Pray for Adele and her husband. Pray for their joy, their love and their hearts. Ask God to protect them and keep them. 
  • Pray for Beyonce. Pray for an abundance of patience, energy, strength and love. Pray that God would show her how precious she is, just like her little girl, Pray that she would see Gods love in those little eyes.
  • Pray for Jennifer*, that she would feel love from the most unlikely places, help her to experience joy in her daily moments and for strength to last the days
  • Pray for Lisa's* health and happiness, pray she would know God and receive healing for her sickness, 
  • Pray for Cynthia* and her family, thank God for her and ask that He would reveal His great love of her to her. In the day to day pray that she would know of His presence. 
  • Pray for Little Sweetie* A life time of love, understanding and acceptance. Comfort for her and her family in these times and safety for her mind. Pray that the right people would be around her family and the right provisions and opportunities would be in place to keep the family together. 
* New additions to our LOVE BOMB

Also, pray that all of these ladies would find a blessing in our LOVE BOMB, pray that it would come at a great time for them, a perfect moment to show Gods love to them. Allow them to believe that someone out there, a 'stranger' could love them. 

Lets do it. Will you join me? Leave a comment to let me know you're in! (It would be lovely to know I'm not alone)

Thank you for getting this far, you courageous woman you.


We'll be sending the LOVE BOMBs on Tuesday, after our day of prayer.

For Monday, I will be praying too. No organising, no blogging, no opening late parcels or ordering freight. Just loving our ladies 


  1. Hey Sophie

    I loved this and I would love to join you in prayer Monday.
    I've recently been saved and am finding gods journey an exciting and new life for me. I look forward to joining in with you and everyone else.

    1. Thank you Anonymous! Wish I knew who you are! Stoked!!! xx

  2. I haven't been in a position to give to your love bombs yet, but hope to next time around. In the meantime I will absolutely take some time to light a candle and send up a prayer for these amazing women (and for you, too - thank you for being an amazing instrument of love) x

    1. Thank you Mrs O, so great to have your support!! xx

  3. Sophie thanks so much for this post!. the courage the you have shown in starting this and the wonderful support of all the amazing women who are helping you to bless others believers or not is to be commended. You all give so generously to show love to a stranger who will remember this act of kindness forever. Sophie this verse (Isaiah 40:3-4) is for you be encouraged in what you are doing and know that the sisterhood is the highway in the dessert for so many that you all bless with your kindness and love! x

    1. Thanks Alexia! Generosity and love knowns no bounds :)

      thank you for the verse x

  4. All good for praying - we can all talk to God and if his eye is on every sparrow it is certainly on us and on our little prayers too x

    1. Beautiful isn't it!! x

      Thanks Miriam, LOVED your prophetic words too (of what i read, decided to keep most private)


  5. Beautifully worded Sophie, and you know my beliefs, hence I will be sending my thoughts into the universe for all the ladies. Is "Little Sweetie" a child?

    I'll cover the FB page today and you spend your time doing what you do best xx

    1. Thank you LJ!! X You are a total legend. And yes, Little Sweetie is our youngest nominee, breaks my heart

  6. I don't want this to be insensitive, and I hope it isn't... I am not religious person, but do respect and understand that others are. I think Prayer Monday is beautiful, and even tho I won't pray, I will light a candle for The Sisterhood, for the amazing work you are doing Sophie, and the ladies that are to be bombed, better make it a big candle! - H

    1. Our candle is now burning at home - Thinking of you all - H

    2. Thank you H! I believe this post touched many peoples hearts - thank you for having such an open mind and being so willing to love on others!

      Hope that flame burnt brightly <3

  7. Awesome Sophie... that is so fab.
    PS Anonymous's comment ( just above me) really touched me. WOW.

    Will pray today too

    1. Thanks Simone!

      Amazing comment isn't it, I think a lot of people resounded with it!


  8. Praying for all these amazing recipients and also the Sisterhood!

  9. praying for all the ladies in need
    and I totally believe all this needs to be underpinned with prayer

    bless you Sophie

  10. Hey Sophie - I have recently joined the sisterhood, and have some product I want to send you to distribute. I USED to go to church, in fact, my husband was a pastor and through various circumstances we chose to leave, removed our membership, removed ourselves purposefully from that. We have never removed ourselves from God, and to me, what you are doing is the FOUNDATION of why His church was BEGUN in the first place - to care, to look after those in need, to honor Him by looking after His children who were struggling. To be His hands. Prayer? yes, I will pray for those on the sisterhood hit list - to be sure... but I will also pray for you and those who support you. My prayer life has been altered irrevocably indirect response to my life's circumstances, I have only been able to utter 2 sentences to my God for years... and they are "Thank You" and "Your will be done". May God continue to bless you for your commitment to your purpose. And thank you, for allowing others, like myself to be a part of it.

  11. So beautiful. Prayers and tears (my heart breaks for these ladies!) from me!


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