Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Home Lovin - Dining and Photo Area

We've changed around our lounge once again to accommodate our dining table which had been in storage for over a year. More and more I was yearning for a family sit down meal, to have my cooking appreciated by being enjoyed for a little while longer than a few mouthfuls, and to enjoy face to face conversation while we ate. 

It means our living area is very small but that's the price we have paid to have our dining table functioning again. #firstworldproblems

I picked up these new place mats from The Warehouse in an uber-sale. I think 8 place mats and 8 coasters totaled $10. 

The table has been accessorised with beautiful flowers that were delivered to my home by an anonymous Sister. Don't they look Divine? Ahhh, they fill my heart with happiness. 

I have also started a photo wall in our bedroom where previously the walls stood bare. I love these Christmas photos of our little family in 2012. I hope to add to the photos as our years progress and as the frames are standard cheapies I think I should always be able to buy them (but I have been wrong before)

I hope to get more photographs in our home to really show who we are and make it our space.

I am loving turning our rental into a home and somewhere we can be proud of and want to be. It only takes a few small touches to achieve so much more.

Are you in a rental? Have you been? How did you personalise it to make it 'your' home? Leave a comment and let me know!



  1. Right now I'm living in a rental and I'm trying to find ways to make this home more personal. I'm also reading blogs trying to find ideas I can use when we finally buy a home. I'm trying to update my furniture with paint so that we have nicer things to have now and that we can take with us when we move.

  2. We have framed (cheapies - from the Warehouse!) photos of Auckland to remind us of home. We've planted a vege garden as heaps of potted colour plants to brighten up the garden.

  3. it's looking lovely sophie, especially loving the photo wall x

  4. very nice and what a good deal you got on those place mats
    beautiful flowers

    lovely fun photos

    Yes we are renting
    I think the mere fact that we are all special and individuals with our own tastes and unique things means that we can personalise our homes to make them 'ours'

  5. We are renting also, I find that putting lots of photos up of your family, or the places you love, or little thoughts and quotes in frames make it personal help you to feel that it is your own.
    also little collections of things that you love as well :-)


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