Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Meet the Ladies of LOVEBOMB #2

These are the ladies that are part of our most recent LOVE BOMB. With your help we are aiming to send these ladies packages of LOVE, filled with treats just for them! Chocolates, coffee, novels, beauty products and one or two specific items that we think they will enjoy. If you would like to be a part of something amazing email sophieslim@moo2.co.nz to find out how you can contribute.

Oprah has a brand new baby who was born with some serious complications. Since his birth her and her husband have been spending all of their time in Auckland while their newborn son has undergone 3 serious operations.

The couple are from a small town in the south island and are obviously not used to big city living.
We would love to shout Oprah and her husband a dinner out for the chance to reconnect and reflect on their journey together, along with our usual love bomb goodies.

Madonna has a sweet 3 year old toddler whose bowel was on the outside of her body when she was born, she lives in starship hospital and eats through a tube. Her parents are raising money for her to receive a life altering transplant that will change all of their lives. This will be done in England and the family will need to stay there for 2 years to be monitored during recovery. 

Their story is a rare and sad one and we want to do all we can to be a physical and emotional support to them. We want to hand over what we can while saying "we know, we care, you aren't alone". To do this, please head to the facebook page the family have set up to raise money for their girls operation. If you feel compelled, give directly to them too. 

Gweneth is a Mum of 3 preschoolers. Life is busy. Life is busy for any Mum. I love Mums that turn up to their job everyday and do the best that they can. Thats Gwen. She's a star. For the next month her husband is over seas so while he's away and she's busy giving everything she has to her little munchkins we want to send her a whole lot of treats to remind her to spend some time enjoying her own company and to thank her for the work she does.

We'd also love to send Gweneth's family out for a little fun to enjoy some time together.

Angelia has a new entrant child and a toddler, she is trying to continue her family but is experiencing multiple miscarriages. Her friend who nominated her has also been through a similar experience and really wanted to treat her, just like we do.

We are hoping to give Angelia's family the opportunity to have some fun together, as well as our usual treats to bring about some smiles and love in Angelia's day. 

Elle is our first nomination from a man! Gasp! Yes, some men are giving to our love bombs (isn't that amazing!?)  He noticed that while she cares for her little toddler solo, she is also very involved in her local community in a small town in the south island. Elle gives and gives and we would love to give something back to her!

Elle loves novels, chocolates, womens magazines and cooking - hopefully we can give her something of each to help brighten her day!

Audrey is a single mum of 3 high needs children. Being a single mum is a tough enough job, but she also has to navigate cerebal palsy, autism, down syndrome and heart conditions in her day to day life. She gives. and gives. and gives. And the lady who nominated tells me she is the most caring, sacrificial person she has ever met.

Audrey is completely inspiring! We are hoping to send Audrey some 'time'. A facial, free coffees and dinner out are on the cards for her. 

Suri was nominated by her daughter who calls her "my hero". Two years ago Suri began treatments for her breast cancer, which eventually spread to her lungs and liver. Recently she was told there was nothing more her treatments could do for her and she has been given a few more months to live.

This story is heartbreaking, a mother being pulled from her family before she is ready. Her daughter told me that her mum believes in quality of life, not quantity, so we would love to brighten up a day in her last few months. 

We would love to send her family vouchers for a meal out to spend some time together, along with some pampering items so she can feel like the beauty that she is.

Adele and her husband lost their eldest daughter to cancer at the beginning of this year. Their daughter was five years old and after a long battle it finally came to an end. The family celebrated their daughters life by holding a memorial in a "secret garden", which is what their daughter wanted. Completely beautiful.

I'm sure Adele and her husband have been working through a lot this year and they come to grips with their life and this harsh reality. We would love to send them the opportunity to have dinner out on us so they can enjoy some time together and take a little break and help them in their healing process. 

Minnies community are gathering around her and giving her meals and gifts has she only has months left to live as a result of an agressive cancer. She has young children in primary school and I am very pleased to tell you that other families in the school are looking after them. Amazing.

We would love to contribute too. Magazines, chocolates, treats, any thing that will help Minnie take a little moment in the chaos to enjoy, love and reflect.

Beyonce is a brand new Mama. Enough said, right?

She is also learning to cook, so along with our usuals we are also hoping to send her some easy-peasy cook books, so she doesn't have to continue making lasanga like she has for the last two weeks. Heehee

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  1. Sophie, this is a completely inspiring and heartbreaking list.
    My latest post reflects my thoughts on what you're doing here.
    Love ya, lady!


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