Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How To Create Tabs in Blogger

Pages are really beneficial for blogs, in them you can have 'about me' details, contact details and any extra things you want to convey but they don't really have a 'home' on your side bar (or would make it really cluttered!). It's really easy to do!

Heres How You Create Pages / Tabs:

On your Blogger dashboard find your 'pages' option

In your Pages choose "New Page" from here you have two options: 

Blank Page:

This is where you have a blank field, exactly like a new blog post, that you can customise with links, photos and text. This is great for your "About Me" page.

Web Address Page:
This will open a new window where you can enter the name of your page and send the reader to a new web address. For example, if you had an online shop you could call you page 'Shop' and have it link to your felt store.

The down side with this (having a web address page) is that obviously your readers are going to a different web address that isn't your blog. We call these "Exit Links" and you want to minimalise them so your readers stay in your blog land as long as possible.

Once you create your new page and save it it will be added to the bottom of your list.

Re-Order Your Pages:
You can re-oder your tabs by clicking on the blue filled in side of the box and dragging it into the right order. You'll see when you do this they all jump around to adjust.

Extras For Experts:
Every now and again you might find the need for a web address but you might not want to publish it on your blog. It might be to share information with a group of people, photos, codes, anything really.

Create a page for this information like above, save it, then drag and drop the box into the "hidden posts"  section. (You'll see published, drafts and hidden options available). That way, when you view it the web address still exists but it doesn't show up in your tabs (but it will show up in google searches - beaware that it isn't private!)

Hit "save arrangement" in the top right hand corner and you have a new set of tabs! HOORAH!

Brilliant huh?

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Do you have tabs on your page? Are you going to make some now? Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. Sophie this tutorial is so brilliant and simple.
    I struggle to know the names for things, like "DASHBOARD" "START UP MENU" - and end up with "find the blog pages thingy"...
    I have learnt something today! I didn't realise you could drag and drop to re-order the pages right there in the pages thingy, by grabbing the blue bit.
    Thanks. You have just saved me TIME.

    1. I think its AMAZING that I have managed to teach you something :) Feeling quite chuffed with myself now! :)


  2. Thanks Sophie - these tutorial are so clear, concise and easy to follow! I have tabs on my page - found them a while back by playing around in blogger. The only thing I think I'd change about mine is I'd like them to be more spaced out/ centred. At the moment they are over to the left. I wonder if there is a way to do that (without just making new tabs to fill up the space)??

    Thanks for this great resource

    1. Hi Jenny! So glad you are getting something out of my posts :)

      Unfortunately thats just the way blogger places them, the only way to play around with them is by heading into HTML / CSS

    2. Hi Jenny, one thing you can do is to go into "Template/customise" and alter the font size and style - the tabs will actually automatically get bigger to accomodate the new bigger text, so your tabs won't look quite so "lost".
      Of course you can also create some more tabs to fill up the pace too... maybe consider moving some things from your sidebar onto a page?

  3. this series is so great Sophie, i get very excited when i see your new posts on the topics! i have been fiddling away with my blog loads and loads, and whilst still technically incompetent, i am now unafraid and persistent! thanks for that x

    1. YAY!

      I have noticed you have been playing around :)

      Well done! Getting over the fear is the biggest part! :)

  4. Yay yay! It's really late so I'm going to read this tomorrow, but I've been looking forward to this post! Thanks Sophie!

    1. Eeep! Just added my first tab! So exciting! Thanks Soph.

  5. another wonderful tutorial... you are really a great help... thank u so much Sophie!

  6. All of your tutorials are so very helpful!! My blog is a work in progress and it has taken me hours to design! Your posts have decreased my design time. I can't wait to be done! Still a work in progress! Thank you! :)


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