Tuesday, July 31, 2012

LOVE BOMB #2 - Beyonce

Beyonce is a brand new mother, and like all mothers, theres plenty that we can do to support her and her family.

With your help we sent Beyonce a food hamper with 5 meals and soups (not pictured), sisterhood poem, two hand made cards, $45 gift voucher to Wagamama, $50 countdown voucher, Assorted grocery items (not pictured), handmade reversible hand bag, Kleenex tissues, torrent ebook, chocolate, rescue sleep remedy, baby toys (glow worm, wooden telephone, fabric blocks) recipes magazine, cook book, body lotion and soap, candy, 2 dribble bibs, gourmet soap, Huggies nappies.

This was all sent free of charge thanks to Post Haste and was made possible because of each of you who gave something small to create something big. Thank you! x

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  1. Wowsers! I would have LOVED this when Monkey was a new born! Thanks to all who donated xx


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