Friday, July 20, 2012

Loving Family Vacations

Last weekend the Moo2s travelled a little while to a small thermal town in South Island, New Zealand.

We packed the portacot and our togs and were on our way! The whole weekend was great and I loved doing something different with our family! We had lunch out, dinner in and soaked in the hot pools amongst the darkness and steam. It was amazing.

We also went geocaching with my brother and Milla while we were there. I love geocaching and it was nice to do it with Milla, it takes us to places we've never been and probably would never go (Mr. Moo does not walk anywhere), off the beaten track there is so much beauty and life! 

Two caches took us adventuring into a forest I've heard about so many times but have never bothered to go see. We were a few kilometers in and it started pouring with rain, Milla was crying and as we were walking out her head made contact with a hard elbow. Poor little baby. Screams! I pulled up my top and was able to breastfeed her as we made our way out. 

Looks like a horror movie waiting to happen does it? heehee

Along with the good is was also very tiring, lets be honest. Travelling with a baby is hard work. For whatever reason she wouldn't sleep in her portacot and woke up every hour crying. On saturday night she spent 3 hours sitting on our bed (at 2am) clapping whenever the shadows from the trees moved *sigh*

Along with that we were also travelling with my large family, they were full on and Milla is not. She spent most of the weekend shaking with fear and crying whenever I wasn't holding her! 

We came home exhausted but happy and had big afternoon naps to catch up :)



  1. Lol nice Milla disaster rescue. That forest is AMAZING!
    Poor Milla, one day she will be so stoked to have such a big family :)

  2. Traveling with little ones can be tricky but worth sticking with....
    geocaching is something this family loves to do does expose you to some very beautiful places. x

  3. lovely photos, geocaching looks awesome, would love to give it a go.

  4. Sounds like an adventurous little holiday - I've heard so much about this geocaching business...might have to give it a go some time xx

  5. Travelling is always exhausting, even without a littlie in tow! Sounds like a lovely time in spite of the tiredness xx


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